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School Food Pantry Program

Imagine being a child at school during lunchtime and you’re so worried about food that you hide a portion of your meal to save it for dinner. This scenario happens on a daily basis in Leon County. No child should go to bed hungry.

Did you know that 42.65% of children who attend Leon County Schools qualify for free or reduced- price lunch? For many of these kids, lunch is the only meal they can depend on eating.

Above: As Pineview Elementary Principal Carmen Conner said, “Our two food pantries (outdoor shelf and school pantry) have both made a significant impact on our community.

At right: Thanks to the help of A FULL SUMMER, we are filling a huge void for families in need on a DAILY basis!” Special THANKS to Ms. Bruton and Mrs. Henderson for their dedicated leadership of the W.T. Moore Mustang Food Pantry! We are so grateful, and so inspired by their work of “heart”!

Sponsored Food Pantries

In 2020, we donated sponsored six food pantries and in 2021 we increased that to eight food pantries:

  • Chaires Elementary School
  • Fairview Middle School
  • Oak Ridge Elementary School  
  • Pineview Elementary School
  • Rickards High School
  • Sabal Palm Elementary School
  • Springwood Elementary School 
  • W.T. Moore Elementary School

Each pantry costs $4000 to sponsor for 2 years. In addition, each of the 8 schools we sponsored for 2021-22  were able to choose a refrigerator or freezer for their pantry. Having a freezer or refrigerator allows our children to receive chicken, pork, and beef as well frozen vegetables and fruit or fresh produce.

THANK YOU! A FULL SUMMER volunteers are changing the world, one child at a time!!